Ambition in action: Vincent Can Cui (MBET '16) leads big data startup in Beijing

Vincent Can Cui

The ink was hardly dry on Vincent Can Cui's MBET degree when he found himself signing the term sheet for his startup's angel round of $1M from a group of Silicon Valley and Chinese investors.

Startup insights and sauerkraut at Techtoberfest

“Ziggy zaggy, ziggy zaggy, oi oi oi!” was the chant to start off the fun at Techtoberfest, an annual tech event hosted by Communitech with the support of some amazing sponsors.

MBET Ignition Week: a mosaic of cultures and ideas comes together

MBET Class on the first day of Ignition Week

Imagine a blank canvas stands in front of you. In one hand you hold a palette with varying colours of paint. In your other hand, a paint brush. Now, you proceed to paint.

From customer discovery to Kickstarter: Sienci Labs in Enterprise Co-op

Sienci team at a maker faire booth

Andy Lee's Enterprise Co-op term is coming to an end this month, but he and his co-founders at Sienci Labs are busier than ever with the launch of their Kickstarter campaign. The campaign aims to bring the Sienci Mill One, an affordable and user-friendly desktop CNC milling machine, into the hands of creative makers across the world.

Beachside business and entrepreneurship reads: recommended by Conrad professors

Books recommended by Conrad professors

Ah, summer! It's the perfect time for busy students and startup founders to take a break and catch up on their reading. Looking for some inspiring entrepreneurship books for your next trip to the beach, the pool, or the park?

Conrad faculty members have got you covered with this list of their favourite business and entrepreneurship reads. 

The classics

Views from the Conrad Centre: Procrastinate on quitting

Howard, John, and Chris with their bikes

Howard Armitage, founder of the Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology Centre is, in my eyes, the Dumbledore of the Master of Business, Entrepreneursh

Pitch, Practice, Repeat: MBET at the International Business Model Competition

Alexandru and Vince at Microsoft

The International Business Model Competition (IBMC) is a unique student startup competition focused on the inputs, not the outputs, of the entrepreneurial process.

Behind the Booth: MBET students vlog their experience at the Ontario Accessibility Innovation Showcase

Screenshot of the vlog

What's it like to exhibit your startup at a conference? Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) students Krysta Traianovski and Sameer Khan take us behind the scenes in Conrad's first student vlog, documenting their experience as first-time exhibitors at OCE Discovery Days.

MBET in the Valley: from startups to sightseeing in San Francisco and Silicon Valley

Photo of San Francisco

Last month, students from Conrad's Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) program travelled to the heart of the startup movement: San Francisco and Silicon Valley, California. 

MBET student Ademola Adelakun chronicled the trip on video and writes about his experiences below.

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