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Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology

The Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) is for entrepreneurial students who want to make things happen.


What is the MBET? | Why an MBET at UWaterloo? | What makes MBET Different? | Are you right for MBET?

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What is the MBET?

  • A three-term graduate program that combines nine interdisciplinary courses with a corporate commercialization practicum
  • The one-year program includes entrepreneurial-focused courses in:

    • Marketing
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Strategic Management
    • Business Leadership
    • New Venture Creation
    • Innovation Management
    • Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Entrepreneurial Technology Applications
  • Students are immersed in an experiential learning environment for which Waterloo is renowned 
    • Participate in a practicum project within Innovation Hubs in existing organizations where you can mobilize the development of new innovations
    • Develop your own business ideas in Canada's #1 startup ecosystem at the Most Innovative University in Canada for 23 years running (Maclean's university rankings, 2014)
    • Work directly with early-stage technology startups on the business side of their venture

Why an MBET at UWaterloo?

In the MBET program, students have access to a network of support in one of the most dynamic entrepreneurial and tech environments in Canada.

  • Kitchener-Waterloo is home to 1000+ technology companies
  • 500 new companies are emerging each year
  • Home to Canada's largest:
    • Tech company (BlackBerry)
    • Software company (Open Text)
    • Educational platform provider (D2L)
    • Satellite company (ComDev)
    • Visual technology display company (Christie Digital)
    • Messaging company (Kik)
    • Hackathon (Hack the North)
  • The region's vibrant tech sector employs ~30,000 people
  • Waterloo has one of the youngest populations in Canada

What makes MBET different?

The MBET is a graduate business degree for entrepreneurs that is different from other business degrees. Here's how:

  • The "traditional" classroom setting is put aside in favour of a "startup culture" where ideas, failures, and goals are encouraged
  • Small classrooms and class sizes (max 25 students) make for an intimate, sharing, and supportive environment
  • Classes are organized in workshop-mode, not lecture-mode, to promote self-learning
  • Classroom setting is described as "conversational" rather than passive learning (the "startup culture")
  • Learn by working side-by-side with industry leaders — not just through books and assignments

Are you right for MBET?

The MBET program is designed for bright, ambitious, creative, and curious team players who can demonstrate they have the passion and drive it takes to excel as an entrepreneur. MBET students come from all academic disciplines including engineering, business, computer science, math, science, and the arts. The program provides the perfect platform to experience venture creation in its many forms.

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The MBET advantage

MBET was designed specifically to fill a market need for individuals with the business knowledge base and experience needed to move ideas and innovations into commercial practice.

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MBET is the degree that produces graduates who are set apart from their colleagues in general business programs by emphasizing technological, innovative and entrepreneurial energies that are the foundation of the University of Waterloo's world-renowned reputation.

- Dan Allison, MBET 2015