In the MBET program, students complete nine courses and the Corporate Commercialization Practicum.

Each course draws from the theory of a specific discipline while emphasizing the application of business concepts to issues facing innovative and rapidly-changing organizations.

Course list:

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Entrepreneurial by design

MBET is entrepreneurial by design. Courses and the practicum are offered across three terms to correspond to the entrepreneurial process, rather than the traditional offering of a specific course in a specific term. 

Courses are mapped to mirror the commercialization process:

Term 1: Seed Phase
Term 2: Product Development Phase
Term 3: Market Execution Phase

MBET students are less afraid of making mistakes and they take more risks. This mindset helped me to move fast, break things, and make bold decisions, even if that meant being wrong sometimes. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who enjoys a fast-paced environment, which is 50% academics, 50% real-world business validation. I would do it all over again.

- Farhad Mibody, MBET, Client Solutions Manager, Facebook