MBET team wins $25K in Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge

Friday, July 7, 2017

MBET team Smart Bandage

Smart Bandage has won $25,000 in the inaugural Cisco Global Problem Solvers Challenge. The team, composed of Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) students Waqas Khan, Sohaib Imran Rana, and Vanessa Ferlaino, was chosen as a second runner-up in the challenge, among over 1100 registrants from over 450 schools worldwide. The challenge aimed to promote and accelerate breakthrough technologies that leverage Internet of Things (IoT) to benefit the economy, society, and planet.  

Harnessing IoT for the proactive treatment of chronic wounds

Smart Bandage is developing a bandage equipped with inkjet-printed patented sensors that provide real-time data to monitor early warning signs of chronic wounds. The bandage is flexible, disposable, and costs roughly the same as a regular bandage. Its sensors wirelessly transmit wound information to medical staff, allowing for proactive treatment of chronic wounds like bedsores or ulcers.

The Smart Bandage team formed early on in the MBET program when Waqas, Sohaib, and Vanessa teamed up to develop and commercialise an application for technology developed by co-founder Professor Atif Shamim, who holds a PhD in Electronics from Carleton University. Their progress over the course of the year includes winning the People's Choice Award at Rice International Business Plan Competition. 

This award from Cisco provides great validation and support for the next steps of development as they proceed to clinical trials. 

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