Spring Enterprise Co-op ventures on display in the Product Video Showcase

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Three Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op) ventures have been awarded $1,000 each in the Product Video Showcase, a competition which challenges Enterprise Co-op students to create a 90-second video about their venture. 

Check out the winning videos below: 


Co-founded by Mechatronics Engineering student Mihai Tiuca, Bundle helps travellers plan trips around the world by using photos and videos they “like” across social media to learn what type of experiences they want to have. Whether they enjoy media of a rooftop patio, a burger, or a mountain, Bundle lets them save content to the location it was captured so they can experience it or something similar in the future.


Founded by Math students Cathy (Zhuo) Yu and Leo (Lu) Lyu, GoolooUp is a food ordering application in which you can decide your exact dine-in time, so you won't have to wait anymore.


​Founded by Computer Engineering student Michael Lai, Avra aims to help people with motor disabilities, especially Parkinson's, to control computers using their eyes.


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