Sunny Verma, CEO and Founder, TutorBright

Sunny Verma

Limitless: that’s how Sunny Verma wants students to feel as a result of the mentorship and support provided by TutorBright, the in-home tutoring company he founded and leads. Limitless is also a good way to describe the growth of the company itself. It began as a one-man operation launched soon after Sunny completed the Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) program in 2007. In ten years, TutorBright has grown to be the largest in-home tutoring service in both Canada and Australia, serving fifty cities and tens of thousands of families.

TutorBright takes a fresh approach to tutoring: they focus on building students’ self-esteem, grit, resilience, and optimism alongside their academics, instilling qualities that will serve students well throughout all of life’s challenge. TutorBright creates personalized academic and mentorship plans, delivered by specially trained tutor-mentors that empower students to reach their greatest potential. Their innovative pedagogy has met with tremendous response from students and parents, and the company’s growth continues this year with a planned expansion to the United States.

Impact of MBET

MBET was a profound step in my growth as an entrepreneur. It has been the foundation for TutorBright in becoming one of the fastest-growing and largest education companies in the world. 

The MBET program provided Sunny with the technical knowledge to start a business, from operations to marketing. However, the most important takeaways were the entrepreneurial qualities built into the program. From hearing the stories of veteran entrepreneurs through guest speaker series, to experiencing the inner workings of a startup through the program's hands-on components, Sunny grew confident in his own abilities as an entrepreneur.

In turn, the educational style of MBET helped to define and solidify Sunny’s strengths-based approach to education which now drives the TutorBright pedagogy.

The entrepreneurial mindset goes way beyond starting a company. Entrepreneurs are trained to see possibility and opportunity, and be resilient to failure. In MBET, the playground on which we practiced and developed these skills was business and technology. For kids, the playground on which they build these skills is school.

Success to date

  • TutorBright is the largest in-home tutoring service in both Canada and Australia, serving 50 cities.
    • Named Best Tutoring Service in 2016 by Cityparent Magazine.
    • Previous honours include ‘Above the Class in Franchising’ (Canadian Franchise Magazine) and Toronto’s most innovative company (Toronto Board of Trade).
  • Sunny is a sought-after expert in the education and technology space, featured on Breakfast Television, Readers Digest, and more. His writing is published in Eligible Magazine and Huffington Post.
  • He is a previous nominee for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and recognized on the Globe and Mail’s Hottest Entrepreneurs Under 30 list.
  • TutorBright’s innovative pedagogical approach has empowered over 10,000 students – hear their stories.

I wake up every day and have the chance to make the world a better place.

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Voted as "Best Tutoring Service" by CityParent Magazine in 2016, TutorBright is a leading in-home tutoring service, providing personalized academic support and mentorship for thousands of students across Canada and Australia.