About Tara

Tara Scanlan in Nepal, with quote overlay that reads "Before MBET I was a world traveler, now I'm a social entrepreneur making a real difference."

Tara Scanlan is a social entrepreneur who is ready to change fashion culture. While completing her Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology degree, Tara launched ULLO, through which she is leading the ethical fashion movement in Canada. Her inspiration for ULLO grew from years of travelling around the world, and seeing how marginalized producers’ lives are improved through the development and marketing of fashion and cultural products.

At ULLO, Tara works directly with every level of the supply chain, from farmers of the raw material to the people who knit and do metal work of the products, in order to ensure that fair wages and proper working conditions are met. The collection of luxury knitwear and metal jewelry that ULLO carries is certified Fair Trade, and the company also invests in their producers’ communities in Nepal.

After completing the MBET program, Tara began a three-month contract with Prince’s Charities Canada on a social procurement project, working with arts and culture organizations out of Daniels Spectrum in Regent Park, Toronto, strategizing revenue-generating projects for eight different social enterprises.

In addition to her work with ULLO, Tara is also a Customer Success Manager at Salesforce. 

Impact of MBET

MBET allowed Tara to turn her dream into a reality and create positive change in the lives of others. Tara now has the skills she needs to make her passion and values tangible. She says that MBET:

  • Taught her how to identify opportunities and think strategically;
  • Helped her build a network, a support system, and confidence;
  • Gave her the pieces to build her business successfully; and
  • Taught her how to design and implement business strategies that include new knowledge, and her international experience.

Tara developed ULLO in the MBET program, representing Conrad at various events including the Waterloo Innovation Summit, and OCE Discovery 2014.

Success to date

  • Incorporated ULLO in March 2013 and began generating revenue in August 2013.
  • Tara spoke at the 2014 International Conference on Entrepreneurship and Women: The Role of Business Incubation & Social Business Development, hosted in India, to share ULLO's story.
  • Supported over 2,500 artisans in Patan, Nepal.

  • Supported scholarships for over 100 children for their elementary education.
  • Supported medical care facilities in rural Nepal, where over 6,000 people have benefited from the services.

Tara Scanlan at a woman's art cooperative in Janakpur, Nepal.

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About ULLO

ULLO   ullo.ca

ULLO's mission is to make fashion ethical. With a vision to redefine the definition of luxury to incorporate an ethical standard, ULLO works directly with producers and farmers to ensure the highest quality products while maintaining fair wages and conditions.

ULLO's knitwear and jewellery are Fair Trade certified.

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