January 2015

Enterprise Co-op out of a Suitcase: Chris Thiele’s E Co-op term across the world

Chris Thiele wrote his last exam of the spring term in the middle of August, and by the first week of September, he began his second Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op) term on a plane to Hong Kong.

Four months as a startup founder: Enterprise Co-op students share takeaways from their terms

Medea Rasheed, E Co-op student, giving a painting workshop

Put 25 entrepreneurs in one room for a few hours, and you’re bound to learn something.

That’s exactly what happened at the Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op) End of Term presentations held on Monday December 7, 2015. E Co-op students gathered to reflect on four months of venture-building and share what they learned for the benefit of their peers.

Here are a few of the takeaways from the term:   

Be patient, results take time. 

From Hack the North to Velocity Fund Finals: how I turned a hack into a startup

Sefunmi and his team at the Velocity Fund Finals

This year at Canada's largest hackathon, Hack the North (HTN), my teammates and I developed an iPhone application called Hash. Hash connects to desktop devices with low-energy bluetooth and integrates with several browsers in order to successfully authenticate several user accounts seamlessly using your fingerprint via touch ID.

Connecting to the wearable tech world at the WEST Conference

Photo of Alexandru Gogan

For the second time, the WEST Conference (Wearable Entertainment & Sports Toronto) opened their doors to wearable enthusiasts at the MaRS Discovery District in the heart of Toronto on November 3rd 2015.

Alumni Chats with Wayne Chang: Meet Beth Nenniger and Laura Austin, directors of BuildDirect Design Center

In this series, E Co-op Coordinator and BET 300 instructor Wayne Chang catches up with alumni from our undergraduate programs who are now running their startups full-time.

Leveling the playing field: E Co-op students launch KW's first bubble soccer league

Bubble soccer players on campus

When I enrolled in the Math and Business Double Degree program at Waterloo, I planned to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams through a technical startup.

From idea generation to the Next Gen Den: the process behind PopRx

Ali and Vejey pitching their startup, PopRx, on Dragon's Den

Last month, my co-founder Vejey Gandier and I pitched our startup PopRx on CBC Dragon's Den Next Gen Den, securing $100,000 in investment.

Fuelling entrepreneurs for success at Enterprise Co-op Ignition Week

In the Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op) program, students dedicate their co-op term to building their companies full-time.

MBET Ignition Week 2015: An experience like no other

Students working on Ignition week challenge

When discussing the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, many people point out that “there’s something in the water in Waterloo.” During MBET Ignition Week, the incoming MBET class was invited to take a sip. Driven by their curiosity, ambition, and passion, the class had the chance to really explore for themselves what that statement is all about.

The view from the valley: MBETs reflect on their trip to Silicon Valley

MBET visiting AirBnB office

What is it about Silicon Valley that inspires the creation and growth of so many innovative startups? In June 2015, Conrad’s Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) class travelled to San Francisco to find out.

Problems that Matter: Collaboration between the Conrad Centre and Kenya's Strathmore University

From problems to solutions

We all see big, important problems every day. You can't watch the news without seeing something that has far-reaching implications. But a common resonse is: “what can I do?” 

Entrepreneur as advocate: engaging the youth vote through Enterprise Co-op

Photo of Mavis Chan

Since high school, I knew I had a knack for social causes and wanted to make a career out of advocating for environmental and social justice. While I thought I was going to end up working in environmental advocacy, this summer I picked up the skills to attain this goal as a businesswoman and entrepreneur.

Alumni Chats with Wayne Chang: Meet Danny Yaroslavski, founder of Lightbot

In the new Alumni Chats with Wayne Chang series, E Co-op Coordinator and BET 300 instructor Wayne Chang catches up with alumni from our undergraduate programs who are now running their startups full-time.

Nerves + confidence a winning formula at Velocity Fund Finals

Ryan and Matt at VFF

Twenty University of Waterloo students took the stage to pitch their startup ideas to a full house at the Velocity Fund Finals (VFF) on July 23, 2015.

Ryan Marchewka, co-founder of the display technology startup Thalo, was among the brave presenters. Conrad asked Ryan how it felt to be holding the clicker at Waterloo’s largest pitch event of the term.

Overcoming nerves

Lego™? Entrepreneurship? Really?

For the past few years, Roboworx has been part of the Innovation Management course within the Conrad Centre’s Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) program.

It generates a number of interesting reactions, ranging from excitement to apprehension to terror. Why should this be the case? It is only playing with a toy after all. Or is it?

Furthermore, what does playing with Lego™ have to do with entrepreneurship education?

Five ways MBET works for all entrepreneurs

Intrapreneur and entrepreneur – Adam Mamdani is both.

E Co-op in the 'Medical Mecca' - Q&A with Bonnie Cheung

This term, E Co-op student Bonnie Cheung’s start-up, Ourotech, was accepted into the Women’s iLab accelerator program in Boston. Ourotech was one of eleven female-led start-ups to receive mentorship, resources and workspace from Women’s iLab in partnership with Boston’s Mass Challenge accelerator.

Don't scare your customers: lessons from the Tech Leadership Conference

Last week, MBET and E-Co-op students from Conrad attended the 2015 Tech Leadership Conference, hosted by Communitech. E Co-op student Canmanie Ponnambalam reports on the take-aways she’ll apply as she builds her venture, Moddec.

Big Solutions for Global Problems: UW Enactus Team Shines at National Exposition

In November 2014, a motivated UW frosh named Bo Peng launched a chapter of the social entrepreneurship organization Enactus at the University of Waterloo. Along with their faculty advisor, Conrad Associate Director of Graduate Programs David Rose, Peng and his team attended the Enactus National Exposition this week.

Emily Peat: The Option in Entrepreneurship and reflections from Conrad lecturer Wayne Chang

Emily Peat, 4th Year Civil Engineering student will be graduating this May 2015 with the Faculty of Engineering’s first-ever Option in Entrepreneurship, Venture Creation stream.

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