Georgina Zehr, Account Executive, Salesforce

About Georgina 

Georgina DivarisWhen she first heard about the Master of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology (MBET) program, Georgina Zehr had been working with a local startup, Primal, for two years. She loved the diversity of entrepreneurship and sought a graduate business program that would allow her to pursue her own venture ideas. 

I was attracted to MBET because it was less focused on theory, and more focused on doing," she explains. "The access to mentors and Entrepreneurs-in-Residence also appealed to me.

Through the MBET program, Georgina experienced venture creation firsthand through her practicum project, Milao Language, and through her own healthy food company, Meal in a Jar, which she launched with her mother during MBET. 

Georgina has gone on to build a successful career at Salesforce, leveraging her background as an entrepreneur to help growing businesses as an Account Executive for Growth Business in Canada. 

Impact of MBET

Looking back on MBET, the practicum project stands out, because it is so real. It's not just a short-term project. You are actually starting a business. The courses mirror where you are at in terms of commercialising the business idea.

For her MBET practicum project, Georgina worked on Milao Language, a virtual language-learning platform founded by fellow MBET classmate Camelia Nunez.

The team gained significant exposure during the year, competing in the Ivey Business Plan CompetitionStu Clark Investment CompetitionLaunchPad $50KTieQuest Business Venture Competition, and at the National Business and Technology Conference, consistently placing in the top ten.

It was through these competitions that Georgina realized how much she enjoyed the sales aspect of entrepreneurship. After graduation, she sought more formal sales experience, and there was no better place to obtain that than Salesforce, one of the fastest growing sales companies in the world. 

Success to Date

  • Immediately after MBET, Georgina secured a position at Salesforce, which has been named by Forbes as one of the World's Most Innovative Companies for five years running.
  • She has been promoted three times in only two years with the company. 
  • Now, she works as Account Executive for Growth Business.

It feels like I have come full circle—I am working with small businesses now, and I can relate to them so much more, having worked with startups in the same early stages.

About Salesforce

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