In the MBET program, students develop their own business ideas at Canada's most innovative university, while immersed in one of the most dynamic entrepreneurship and tech communities.

University of Waterloo

  • Unique intellectual property agreement. You own 100% of what you create.
  • Thriving startup ecosystem on campus, including Velocity (world's largest free startup incubator) and St. Paul's GreenHouse (Canada's first live-in social innovation accelerator).
  • UW is ranked #1 Canadian university by University Pitchbook Rankings (2016/2017) for:
    • Exits (companies that are sold, acquired or goes public)
    • Unicorns (number of entrepreneurs founding companies that are valued privately at $1B or more)
    • VC-backed ventures

Kitchener-Waterloo region

  • The Toronto Waterloo Region corridor is the second largest technology cluster in North America.
  • Waterloo region has the second highest startup density in the world. 
  • Among the world's top startup ecosystem, including Communitech (hub that supports startups with access to space, community and mentors), and the Accelerator Centre (one of the top accelerators in the world. 
  • The region's vibrant tech sector employs ~30,000 people.
  • Home to Canada's largest:
    • Tech company (BlackBerry)
    • Software company (Open Text)
    • Educational platform provider (D2L)
    • Satellite company (ComDev)
    • Visual technology display company (Christie Digital)
    • Messaging company (Kik)
    • Hackathon (Hack the North)

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