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About Melissa

Melissa Morgan head shotGlobal Business and Digital Arts student, Melissa Morgan, is a woman of many talents. She is a published writer, artist, graphic designer, retoucher, photographer, model, voice-over artist, actress— and CEO of her own company, uIntuition

Co-founded by Melissa and systems design engineering student Michal Ulman, uIntuition was founded in November 2012 as a way to connect talented students with employers in need of freelance work, whether it be photography, graphic design, web development, or numerous other skills. The company has since expanded to include a wide range of services, such as tutoring and creative classes, event packages, and live performers. Talented students who apply to work with uIntuition are matched with employers who request their servicesMelissa's goal is to make a difference in the lives of fellow students by providing them with opportunities to pursue a career doing what they love. 

Melissa wanted to set herself apart from others studying business courses, so in winter 2013, she and two other uIntuition executives, Amina Musa and Nicole Papp, enrolled in Conrad's undergraduate course, BET 300: Foundations of Venture Creation. Melissa worked on the company, networked, learned about various aspects of entrepreneurship, and received an academic credit for doing so.  

Impact of BET 300

The uIntuition team

Left to right: Michal Ulman, Melissa Morgan, Aqsa Zubair, and Nicole Papp

uIntuition now has two years of growth and success under its belt— a milestone that few startups reach. Melissa credits this to passion, and a genuine love for what the team is doing. The company's founders are driven by support from their peers and the University of Waterloo, positive client feedback, and the thought of being able to work for themselves for the rest of their lives.

Prior to BET 300, I’d never created a business plan before. With feedback from our instructor along the way, my team and I were able to discover trends, insights and identify potential roadblocks and opportunities we would have never discovered on our own. This project alone was one that completely altered our approach.

In addition to BET 300, uIntuition's CTO and co-founder, Michal, worked on the company during an Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op) term, and won a Norman Esch E Co-op Award. He says that he has learned not only how to run a business, but how to optimize and streamline it for their customers. "Continual growth and new opportunities let us know we're on the right track," said Melissa. 

Success to date

  • Winner: $4,000 Norman Esch Enterprise Co-op Award in September 2013
  • Winner: Velocity Venture Fund $1,000 People's Choice Award in March 2013
  • Client of the Stratford Accelerator Centre
  • Currently expanding to service post-secondary institutions across the GTA
  • 50+ students are registered on uIntuition nation-wide
  • Launched the uIntuition Project Management system: an in-house version of Facebook groups (functionality of posting, commenting, uploading, revising, etc.) to facilitate communication and interaction between clients and talent. 
  • The team anticipates becoming automated by summer 2015. In the automated version, a matching system will pair clients with the best talent for their project, and talent will be able to invoice the client directly.

Nicole, Michal and Melissa

Left to right: Nicole Papp, Michal Ulman, and Melissa Morgan

About uIntuition

uIntuition is a platform that connects people with top talent. While offering a wide array of services ranging from photography to full company branding and design, uIntuition also provides personable solutions that are flexible to customization, budgets and even tight deadlines.

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