Congrats to Norman Esch and E-Launch Award winners

Friday, November 22, 2013

Congratulations to five groups of Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op) students for winning E-Launch and Norman Esch awards during a pitch competition this month! These pitches were held amoung students in the E Co-op program. Each group received a $4,000 scholarship to use towards their new ventures. Learn more about these exciting startups!

MAJiK Systems:

MAJiK Systems creates machine-wellness platforms to help parties who invested in the machines to save time and make more money. The system uses capital equipment products to collect and analyze real-time operational data in the cloud. The software provides vendors with a comprehensive view of their customers and products, helping to improve performance and costs of their equipment. MAJiK Systems provides the next evolution of machine monitoring and product service manuals.

majik systems

Kamal Aman and Michael Tatham of MAJiK Systems.

Opplet Games Studio:

Opplet Games Studio aims to build exciting new cross-platform, rouge-like games on your mobile tablet and smart phones. The group is diverse, with seven extraordinary members ranging from graphic designers to fourth-year PhD candidates. This group is currently building fast!

opplet games studio'

David Shi and Jonathan Rodriguez of Opplet Games Studio.


Tessoll is a mobile e-mail manager. By using machine learning, it smartly organizes your inbox into important and non-important e-mails. It learns your patterns and what is important to you and then it creates a smooth inbox based on that. For urgent e-mails, it notifies you that a response is necessary. It then takes the rest of your inbox and smartly creates a overview of what actions need to be done - whether it be to respond, schedule events, or even simply to read the e-mail.


Edward Yang of Tessoll.

Hydrated World:

Hydrated World is an apparel company helping to eliminate the water crisis. Every five items sold provides one person with access to a sustainable clean water project in a developing nation. Hydrated World is partnering with Charity:Water who has already funded over 8,000 clean water projects and raised over $93 million. Keep an eye open in December and January to see Hydrated World on campus, raising awareness for this social issue!

hydrated world

Aleks Poldma and Spencer Kelly of Hydrated World.


Intuch is a platform that will allow alumni offices at educational institutions to stay connected with their respective alumni by increasing engagement, awareness, and commitment. Intuch’s core product will be a web-based application for the alumni offices and a mobile engagement application for its alumni.


Harnek Sidhu of Intuch.

As always, the Conrad Centre is grateful for the generous support of our donors which allows us to offer support to our students as they pursue their entrepreneurial ventures at the undergraduate level. It was Norman Esch's wish that his foundation directly support the development of students receiving training within the interdisciplinary applications of Engineering Sciences.

Well done to all award winners!

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