Conrad professor to speak at conference on innovation, research and funding

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Margaret Dalziel, Associate Professor at the Conrad Centre, will be a panelist at the 13th Annual RE$EARCH MONEY Conference entitled: Budget 2014: Re-balancing Innovation Support Programs.

At Budget 2014, the implications of recent federal budgets for support of business innovation and academic research will be explored. The conference will take place in Ottawa at the National Arts Centre on April 22nd and 23rd, 2014.

Professor Dalziel ​will be on the final panel, participating in a discussion on how to measure success. She has vast expertise in this area as co-founder and Vice President of Research for The Evidence Network, a company that provides impact assessments for innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers and companies. Professor Dalziel's recent appointment as Chair of the Expert Panel Examining Business Support Programs in Ontario positions her well to offer insight into the conference's broader themes surrounding innovation support programs. At the Conrad Centre, Professor Dalziel draws from her expertise to teach courses in Entrepreneurial Applications of Technology and Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

The RE$EARCH MONEY Conference is a great opportunity for catching up with Canada’s innovation policy crowd.  I’m very much looking forward to getting the latest on government interventions and their effect on Canadian businesses."

- Margaret Dalziel, Associate Professor, Conrad Centre

 Margaret Dalziel, Pierre Cléroux, Raymond Luk, and Fred Gault

​Panelists for "How Do We Measure Success?" (from left to right):
Margaret Dalziel, Associate Professor, Conrad Centre, University of Waterloo and VP Research, The Evidence Network;
Pierre Cléroux, VP Research and Chief Economist, BDC;
Raymond Luk, Founder and CEO,; and
(Moderator) Fred Gault, Professorial Fellow, United Nations University, MERIT.

Other speakers and panelists include numerous Canadian entrepreneurs and executives. University of Waterloo alumnus John Baker, the President and CEO of Desire2Learn, is a keynote speaker.

Panels and sessions will discuss funding models, disruptive technologies, the impact of startups, health research, and how information and communication technology is accelerating innovation.


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