Conrad student teams compete in the Norman Esch Entrepreneurship Awards

Monday, March 27, 2017

Student pitching in Esch competition

On March 29, fifteen Capstone Design teams will compete for funding in the annual Norman Esch Entrepreneurship Awards for Capstone Design. The final teams were shortlisted from over 40 applicants representing all Waterloo engineering departments, after an in-depth selection process facilitated by the Conrad Centre. Eleven of fifteen final teams include alumni of Conrad undergraduate courses or the Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op) program.  

The Esch Awards support creative and entrepreneurial students in the pursuit of research and development and its commercialization for the benefit of Canada. The selection process began in February with a Rapid Plan workshop led by Conrad professors Doug Sparkes and David Rose, and undergraduate BETS and E Co-op advisor Emily Peat. This workshop guided student teams to refine and develop the commercial potential of their Capstone Design projects. Half of these teams advanced to a pitch workshop, after which the final teams were selected.

Finalist teams have received assistance and mentorship from Conrad faculty and Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) students throughout the process. 

Meet the fifteen finalists

Air2O (Chemical Engineering): A low cost, eco-conscious method of producing potable water in developing regions. BET 410 alumni.

BioBit (Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering): The first diagnostic foot insole that quantifies gait metrics and uses machine learning to accurately assess risk of fall. BET 300 alumni. 

Project Centaur (Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering): A mobile robot capable of mapping and performing non-destructive inspection of pipes in nuclear power plant boiler rooms.

NO3 Solutions (Civil & Environmental Engineering/ Department of Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering): A device to measure nitrate concentration in groundwater, with accuracy & precision

Catalight (Chemical Engineering): Titanium Dioxide catalyzed water treatment device. BET 410 alumni.

Chameleon Hearing Protection (Systems Design Engineering): Hearing protection that dynamically changes the level of attenuation to match the environment, preventing hearing loss in workers that work in periodically loud environments, while allowing them to be aware of surroundings and communicate. BET 320 and BET410 alumni.

DropLab (Nanotechnology Engineering): Low cost experiment automation devices to accelerate research and improve consistency. BET 300, BET 320, and E Co-op alumni.

Enpact Technologies (Nanotechnology Engineering): Enpact is developing a pressure mapping device which can be worn on top of orthotics to gather data on the effectiveness of treatment. BET 300 alumni.

Fire Response System (Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering): A sensor system to be deployed by firefighters upon arrival at a fire scene, which will provide them with real-time feedback on the fire. 

Flexo (Electrical & Computer Engineering): Flexo is a smart uniform, consisting of a shirt and a pair of gloves, designed to reduce back-related injuries. BET 300 and E Co-op alumni.

Vivaspire (Nanotechnology Engineering): A portable oxygen concentrator (a portable device that produces pure oxygen using air from the surroundings and supplies it to the user). BET 300 and BET 320 alumni.

Kinetic Imaging (Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering): A novel low-cost high speed camera. BET 300 alumni.

Site Status (Management Engineering): Providing a minimally invasive solution to help Project Managers receive status updates from Contractors on site.

SWIRVE (Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering): Enhancing Intravascular Navigation for Minimally Invasive Procedures. BET 410 alumni.

Tapz (Chemical Engineering): Providing a lightweight and portable solution for charging touchscreen devices on the go to eliminate the need to carry chargers around for everyday devices. BET 410 alumni.

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