Conrad takes the Startup Train to StartupFest 2014

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

On July 9th, ten students and two advisors from the Conrad Centre will board the Startup Train's first class train cars with other startup enthusiasts to travel from Toronto to Montreal for the 2014 International Startup Festival.

The Startup Train is an excellent opportunity for the Centre to send students to a meaningful event that enables them to meet, network, and work with like-minded entrepreneurs along the journey.

The Startup Train

This is the third year that the Startup Train will depart Toronto full of entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors making the most of the travel time from Ontario to Quebec for the International Startup Festival.

On the train Conrad students will be able to focus on their ventures in a supportive environment that understands the startup space. Students will brainstorm with mentors, seek validation, meet and network with other entrepreneurs, and possibly discover new ideas along the way. 

Karin SchmidlinAmanda WatkinsConrad Centre staff members Karin Schmidlin (pictured left), Manager of the Virtual Incubation Program (VIP), and Amanda Watkins (pictured right), Manager of Marketing and Recruitment, will be on the Startup Train as advisors.

The International Startup Festival

International Startup Festival - Startups & the City - July 9-12, 2014, MontrealThe International Startup Festival is part conference, part festival, and part pitch contest. Since 2011, over 2000 founders, investors, and analysts have converged in Montreal each year to learn, network, and be inspired. The four day event offers a mix of speakers, breakout sessions, and demo tents.

At the festival, Conrad students will be able to widen their networks, soak in knowledge and expertise from the speakers, come up with new ideas or validate current ones, work on their startups, and have fun!

On July 10th, twelve startups will participate in the festival's pitch competition. Among the finalists is MAJiK Systems, a machine monitoring software company co-founded by four Waterloo Engineering students. Co-founders Michael Tatham and Kamal Aman developed the company in Conrad's Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op) program and won a Norman Esch Enterprise Co-op Award in Fall 2013.

Conrad students on the Startup Train

Read on to learn about the Conrad students who will be on the Startup Train and their ventures.

Watch for the Conrad Centre's tweets from the #StartupTrain and International #StartupFest by following @conraduwaterloo on Twitter.

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