E Co-op company acquired, expanding to Waterloo market

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Multi award-winning Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op) alumna Emily Peat has merged her company EcoPlace Organics with London-based organic food company, Eat Green Organics.  Their merger will increase efficiencies to their services and and further their shared mission to build healthy communities by supporting organic food producers.

Emily Peat holding a crate of fresh vegetables labeled EP Organics, in the Eat Green Organics store

Emily, a 22-year-old civil engineering student at the University of Waterloo, and Phil Williamson, the 26-year-old owner of Eat Green Organics, both recognize the benefits of cooperation. Eat Green Organics has resources that Emily has not yet developed, such as a storefront in London, Ontario.

When it really comes down to it, we are in this every day because we are passionate about the same idea: a local food system that values sustainable agriculture and healthy communities. We can work toward that in a way that is so much more efficient if we pool our resources and work together."

- Emily Peat, 4A Civil and Environmental Engineering, E Co-op, founder of EcoPlace Organics

While Emily has developed a customer base for EcoPlace Organics in London, where she is from, her connections in the Kitchener-Waterloo community, where she has studied for the past four years at the University of Waterloo, will be key for expansion opportunities in the Waterloo Region.

With Eat Green Organics, Emily can now offer her customers a wider variety of products, maintain the personal touch and level of customer service for which she is known, and can work on business development in the Waterloo Region while she completes her engineering degree.

EcoPlace Organic deliveries will be available in several Kitchener-Waterloo locations starting in June. Emily is now taking pre-orders at www.ecoplaceorganicdelivery.com.

Emily has done a fantastic job building EcoPlace Organics by offering a unique and innovative approach with a very personal touch, and advocating for organic food as a whole. Emily is very intelligent and creative, and brings a world of new skills and ideas to our partnership. I believe that by combining our efforts and our abilities, we will be able to improve our service immensely and create a more powerful change in our food system which we are both striving for."

- Phil Williamson, owner of Eat Green Organics

About Eat Green Organics

Eat Green OrganicsEat Green Organics deliveries are a fully customizable service, allowing customers to build a delivery from a selection of hundreds of organic grocery items.

EcoPlace Organics deliveries are a pre-selected mix of fresh seasonal items, with a focus on small-scale ultra-local farms, complete with meal planning tips and recipes.

Read Emily's announcement about the partnership and watch their video!

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