E Co-op students pitch for $25,000 in Ignition Week pitch competition

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

On Monday, September 11, 2017, Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op) students pitched to a panel of judges, competing for several awards of $5,000 to fuel the development of their ventures this term. Each student had five minutes to pitch and three minutes to answer questions from the judges.

Read on to meet the winners, and find out what is driving them to launch and grow their ventures this term! 

E Launch Awards

For students in Arts, Math, Science, Applied Health Sciences, and Environment.  

Jimmy Zidan Guo

Jimmy Zidan Guo

4A Computer Science

The venture: Rentburrow is the student housing marketplace. Tour in detail on Waterloo's largest library of virtual tours, apply, sign your lease, pay securely online.

The motivation: The RentBurrow team has experienced frustrations with the student housing market from both sides of the table. For renters, the market is fragmented, and the process is stressful. For property managers, the paper-based process is slow and prone to errors. Rentburrow is determined to develop a better way to rent confidently online! 

Tristan and Michelle

Tristan Homsi and Michelle Pokrass 

4B Computer Science 

The venture: Readwise is the first reading platform built for non-fiction power readers. We help readers effortlessly import, categorize, and retain their book highlights/notes through our daily email and web app.

The motivation: The Readwise team loves reading, but they noticed that the way we read books hasn't evolved much with technology. They aim to bring reading into the 21st century, allowing readers to choose books that are twice as good, finish those books twice as fast, and retain twice as much from what they read.  

Norman Esch Awards 

For students in Engineering. 

Oscar LoOscar Lo

3B Systems Engineering 

The venture: Serena is a platform to help students seeking aid from mental health services on campus, bridging the gap between students and the resources they need. 

The motivation: Having read many articles outlining the challenges that students face when accessing mental health resources, Oscar decided to start this venture to be part of the solution. 

James and Robert Graham-Hu

James Graham-Hu and Robert Graham-Hu

3A Mechatronics Engineering
2A Systems Design Engineering

The venture: Wecasual is a recreational sports league for casual eSport players. Wecasual offers leagues through a web platform that provides players a place to play their favourite eSports in a team-oriented, organized, and social way.

The motivation: The Wecasual team were frustrated with the negative social interactions and lack of organization when playing eSports casually. As avid sport and eSport players, they want to bring the elements of team play, communication, and socialization from recreational sports to eSports. 

Shak Lakhani

2B Nanotechnology Engineering 

The venture: Avro is developing transdermal drug delivery systems, starting with fun and colourful medicated stickers for children to fight their seasonal allergies. They turn the chore of taking allergy medication into a rewarding task for both parents and children.

The motivation: From seasonal allergies to food allergies, the founders of Avro have experienced the gamut of common allergies, sparking an interest in biotech that has applications to allergy. 

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