E Co-op students pitch to win $5,000 at Ignition Week pitch competition

Thursday, September 24, 2015

On Monday, September 14, Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op) students pitched their ventures to a panel of judges to win an award of $5,000. Each competing student had five minutes to pitch and three minutes to answer the judge's questions. 

The judges were Nada Basir, Conrad professor and innovation researcher, and John Zupancic, Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) alumnus and founder of Wriber Inc

Five teams were able to convince the judges that their ventures have great potential: 

Norman Esch Enterprise Co-op Award E-Launch Awards
Ali Sharif, David Qin, Sonny Tsai, Ricky Rong, Tsun Yin Lip Sankarshan Mudkavi                                                                         
Ming Hu and Christian Lee  Caleb Voskamp
  Mandy Gu and Edward Qian

E Launch Awards 

Students from any faculty besides Engineering are eligible to receive the E Launch Awards. 

Sankarshan MudkaviSankarshan Mudkavi

Okeylabs is on a mission to make passwords obsolete. We make smartphone/watch apps that replace passwords with physical presence so that you spend your time where it really matters.




Caleb VoskampCaleb Voskamp

RePork is an integrated hog data collection system that provides actionable statistics and predictions for pig farmers. To achieve this, the founders, Caleb and Joshua Voskamp, are focusing on integrating Internet of Things technology into pre-existing processes in pig barns.



Mandy and Edward, GeeseRabbitMandy Gu and Edward Qian

GeeseRabbit is a sports and recreational company that provides activities which users of all ages and skill levels can enjoy together. No experience or level of athleticism is required to play, which makes these activities great for corporate events, birthday parties and fundraisers.

Norman Esch Enterprise Co-op Awards

Students in the Faculty of Engineering are eligible to win the Norman Esch Awards.

 David and groupAli Sarif, David Qin, Sonny Tsai, Ricky RongTsun Yin Lip

Nurhachi has a vision for buildings to trade energy between each other by introducing energy storage to buildings. With energy storage, we will enable nodes to a new network - an interconnected, distributed energy network of the future. 



Engineering for social advancementMing Hu and Christian Lee 

Engineering for Social Advancement is making landmine neutralization safer and faster by building a machine that can disassemble landmines remotely. This allows mine fields to be cleared without detonation, which is better for farmland preservation.




Congratulations to all winners! 

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