Enterprise Co-op students pitch to win $4,000 each

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

On Monday, September 8, 2014, Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op) students had an opportunity to pitch to a panel of judges to win an award of $4,000. Each competing student had five minutes to pitch and three minutes to answer questions from the judges.

Seven pitches were able to convince the judges that their venture has great potential:

Norman Esch Enterprise Co-op Awards E-Launch Awards

David Moscoe


Troy Stevenson

Mind the Game

Spencer Gardener & Michael Rouben

Dynamic Academic Ventures

Harsh Bhatt

Edge Botix

Chris Thiele


Daniel Hu


Josh Netterfield



Norman Esch Enterprise Co-op Awards

Students in the Faculty of Engineering are eligible to win Norman Esch Enterprise Co-op Awards. There were five winners from this competition:

David Moscoe, 2A Environmental Engineering


David Moscoe, winner of Norman Esch Enterprise Co-op awardMoocow Unicycles is an independent innovative company with the goal of making original high quality parts available to extreme unicyclists.

Moocow logo


Troy Stevenson, 4A Chemical Engineering

Troy with cheque for $4,000Mind The Game is an app for basketball players and coaches to create social motivation, as well as increase their IQ in their sport.

Troy's partner, Riley Donelson, is already working in the Velocity Garage, on Mind the Game and other projects.​ 

Mind the Game logo


Harsh Bhatt, 3A Mechatronics Engineering

Harsh holding cheque for $4,000EdgeBotix makes eBots, robust 3D printed robots that are easy to integrate at all levels of education for an affordable price. EdgeBotix is based in Singapore, and they are currently working out of the labs at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).

Harsh and his team are in the process of securing a contract to sell the first batch of robots to the SUTD.

EdgeBotix logo



Chris Thiele, 3B Electrical Engineering

Chris with cheque for $4,000Grobo Inc. is developing the next generation of smart indoor planters designed to allow consumers to easily grow fresh produce at home. Grobo's modular system is designed to fit into any space and lets the user easily and economically grow an indoor garden.
Chris is currently working out of the Velocity Foundry with Grobo, accelerating through the main stages of prototyping.

Grobo logo


Josh Netterfield, 3A Software Engineering

Josh with cheque for $4,000Ripieno is Google Drive for sheet music. It is a high-quality, easy-to-use scorewriter, with an emphasis on collaboration and mobility. It will be available online, as well as for Macs, PCs and iPads.

Ripieno is currently in alpha testing. If interested, users can now request early access

Ripieno logo

E-Launch Awards

Two recipients received E-Launch Awards, for which students from any faculty are eligible.

Spencer Gardner & Michael Rouben,

4B Mathematical Physics

Michael and Spencer with cheque for $4,000Dynamic Academic Ventures fuses methodologies, concepts, and perspectives from multiple disciplines to develop commercializable solutions to interesting technological problems. They are currently focused on developing wearable haptic interfaces to improve the convenience and efficacy of biofeedback training by utilizing multiple sensory modalities.

Dynamic Academic Ventures logo



Daniel Hu, 3B Mathematics, Computer Science

uMention logouMention is an anonymous photo-sharing app, that allows you to share your anonymous stories with your friends and peers nearby and react to the latest stories unfolding around you. Find photos of your friends at a party, or upload a confession that you can no longer keep a secret—there is no barrier to sharing with the people near you.

The uMention team is currently at the Velocity Garage working to expand their growth. Both the iOS and Android versions are now available.

More information on the awards available for E Co-op students and links to previous winners are available on the undergraduate awards page.

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