Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Five E Co-op students listen to pitch feedback from judge Peter LaPiane

(From left to right) E Co-op students Ben Sinai, Johnny Li, Amad Khan, Steven Lu, and Cody Murdoch listen to feedback on their pitches from judge, Peter LaPiane.

On Monday, February 24th, Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op) students had a second chance to pitch to a panel of judges for the chance to win $4,000 in funding for their startups. Seven winners from the winter 2014 cohort were previously announced, bringing the term's total to 12 award-winning E Co-op startups.

Each competing startup had 5 minutes to pitch and 3 minutes to answer questions from the judges. Afterwards, previous award-winners were able to showcase their progress through 3 minute presentations.

Read on to learn about the latest winners!

Norman Esch Award E-Launch Awards                           
Amad Khan, PHI-TEK Ben SinaiCurbit Johnny Li, Eventure
  Steven Lu, Pocketask Cody Murdoch, Desk Jockey

Norman Esch Enterprise Co-op Award

Amad Khan holding his $4,000 cheque

PHI-TEK logoAmad Khan

PHI-TEK aims to improve everyday life by creating products that offer seamless human-technology interaction. Amad and his team are currently developing a smart watch that through the use of projector technology, has both a designer aesthetic and superior functionality.

E-Launch Awards

Ben Sinai holding his $4,000 cheque

Curbit logoBen Sinai

Curbit is a classified advertisement site that provides a convenient, one-stop shop for students to find everything from housing to pots and pans to textbooks. Since January 2014, 120 users have signed up and over 160 ads have been posted to the Curbit site.

Johnny Li holding his $4,000 chequeEventure logoJohnny Li

Eventure helps event planners focus on creating the ultimate event experience. The platform handles ticket sales and customer relationship management, engagement, and retention, and is complete with an analytics engine that can generate reports.

Steven Lu holding his $4,000 chequePocketask logoSteven Lu

With Pocketask, restaurants can secure a delivery driver in 10 minutes or less. Pocketask streamlines the food delivery process; restaurant owners can request a driver, and pre-screened drivers can accept the call. Steven and his team are currently piloting the service with 3 restaurants; 20 others have expressed interest in participating.

Cody Murdoch holding his $4,000 chequeDesk Jockey logoCody Murdoch
Desk Jockey

Desk Jockey aims to increase the use and efficiency of on-campus resources. Using a check in service, students can find available study space through the Desk Jockey website. Post-secondary institutions can then use the space usage data to better inform investment decisions for space planning.

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