Monday, January 27, 2014

On Monday, January 13th, eighteen startups in the Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op) program pitched their ideas to a panel of judges for a chance to win one of five awards of $4,000. Congratulations to our winners!

E Launch and Esch Award Winners

(From left to right) Back: Patrick Hannigan, Adrian Wong and Michael Reid.      
Front: Harry Gandhi, Wendy Kang, Carrie Cheng and Victoria Suen.

The Norman Esch Enterprise Co-op Awards

The Norman Esch award is open to startups with at least one founder from the Faculty of Engineering. Two teams won the award this term:

Michael Reid and Adrian Wong of SparkGig hold their $4,000 chequeSparkGig                                     

Michael Reid & Adrian Wong

SparkGig is an online marketplace that seamlessly connects talented performers with event planners. Anyone organizing a corporate event, wedding or private party can use SparkGig to quickly and easily find the perfect entertainment for their event.

Victoria Suen and Carrie Cheng of Rocket hold their $4,000 chequeRocket                                        

Victoria Suen & Carrie Cheng

Rocket aims to bring together communities through urban agriculture and fresh local food. By capitalizing on under-utilized rooftop real estate, Rocket aims to improve food accessibility and community interaction.

E-Launch Awards

The E-Launch award is open to students from any faculty. This term, there were three recipients:

Harry Gandhi of Medllea Health holds his $4,000 cheque

Patrick Hannigan of Ticket Labs holds his $4,000 cheque

Wendy Kang, Cottony, holds her $4,000 cheque

Medella Health                            

Harry Gandhi

Medella Health is building wearable technology for diabetics that continuously and non-invasively monitors blood glucose levels and transmits the information to a mobile phone.

Ticket Labs                             

Patrick Hannigan  

Ticket Labs will provide innovative and reliable e-ticketing for event planners and promoters. Purpose-built for medium-sized concert organizers, the platform is affordable and reliable.



Wendy Kang

Wendy aims to bring East Asian style into the Western fashion industry through her online store, Cottony.


On Tuesday, January 28th, two additional E-Launch award winners were announced! Congratulations to the additional recipients:

Marisa Benjamin holds her $4,000 cheque for Insanitea

John Lam holds his $4,000 cheque for uFrizz.


Marisa Benjamin

Marisa is designing personalized teas that cater to the specific health and preference profiles of each customer. Insanitea is made and named just for you!


Chun Kit John Lam

uFrizz aims to build a healthier society using Ultimate Frisbee and a 'uFirst' mentality. uFrizz aligns a leisurely style of play with a healthily competitive environment to foster the growth and development of youth.


The Conrad Centre would like to thank our donors for their generous support. Specifically the Esch Foundation, whose support allows the Conrad Centre to offer important resources to students as they pursue their entrepreneurial ventures at the undergraduate level.

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