MBETs around the world: alumni travel to Finland for LUT Summer School

Thursday, September 11, 2014

In July, five students from the Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) Class of 2014 travelled to Finland and participated in the 2014 LUT Summer School program. Hussam Ayyad, Charles Olagunju, Shanae Vander Togt, Tyler Iorio, and Alessandro Segala each took classes related to business or technology to compliment and build upon their MBET education. 

The students that participated in the 2014 LUT Summer School program on Lake Saimaa in Finland.

The Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) summer school program spans four weeks during July and August, and consists of a combination of business, technology, and industrial engineering and management courses. LUT is a scientific university bringing together the fields of science and business with an international community comprised of approximately 6,500 students and experts. The Conrad Centre supports MBET students each year to travel to LUT, located in Finland, where they meet new people, pick up valuable business skills related to their expertise developed at Conrad, and time and time again, recognize the value of the MBET degree they have just earned.

MBET alumni, Charles, Hussam and Alessandro, reflect on their experience at LUT Summer School:

Group photo of Charles and other students.

LUT Summer School was a memorable experience, a part of my life that will always be cherished.

Hussam standing on bridge in front of river.

Husaam Ayyad on the Vasabron Bridge in front of the Parliament House building, located in the Centre of Stockholm, Sweden.

The curriculums were crafted to incorporate a great deal of team work that would maximize the international learning experience by enabling students from different backgrounds and experiences to interact and learn from one another.

Alessandro and two friends.

Alessandro (right) and new friends.

I was able to connect with other students from all over the world, getting to know them and forming intense relationships even in that short time.

About the contributors

Charles OlagunjuCharles Olagunju

Charles Olagunju is a Canadian resident, of Nigerian origin and descent. He has over four years of commendable experience working in the banking and telecommunications industries. He is the founder of  Global Education Bridge (GEB) – a pioneer education consulting firm that teaches, empowers, and recruits students from developing nations to achieve their educational goals in Canada.

Hussam AyyadHussam Ayyad

Hussam Ayyad is a Canadian serial entrepreneur that has co-founded and worked on startups all over the world. His newest venture, Ohzone, is a platform that offers instant, highly secure payment alternatives to traditional payment methods and networks for both banked and unbanked customers worldwide. He is also the Manager of Startup Services at Communitech

Alessandro SegalaAlessandro Segala

Alessandro Segala is the co-founder of SixthMonkey, a new venture he created during the MBET program. SixthMonkey is a cloud solution to safely archive personal photographs. He has previously worked in and co-founded IT projects in Italy—ranging from social tools to marketing platforms.  

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