Meet the Winter 2018 Enterprise Co-op pitch winners

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

This month, Enterprise Co-op students pitched for five prizes of $5,000 at the Ignition Week pitch competition. Each competing student had five minutes to pitch their venture to a panel of judges, followed by a three-minute question period. Meet the Winter 2018 pitch winners!

E Co-op Awards

The E Co-op Awards are available to students in Arts, Environment, Math, Science, and Applied Health Sciences. This term, there were two winners: 

Esteban Veintimilla, 1Mentor

Mathematics and Business


For top university students that want to get work experience opportunities in their field of study, 1Mentor is a collaborative educational platform that connects companies to emerging talent at universities while ensuring that students have the skills and knowledge required to work for these employers.

With only 12% of Canadian university students enrolled in a cooperative education program, the founders are determined to scale experiential learning by taking down key barriers to work integrated learning participation and increasing the benefits for employers, students, and educational institutions.

Jessen Jakobsh, UnInk

Psychology and Economics


UnInk is challenging the standards of consent verification and legal contracts by replacing written signatures with bio-metrics in a paperless format, using blockchain technology to prevent fraud through auditing.

The world is moving away from the reliance on paper as a means of information storage. It is inefficient, environmentally unsustainable, and insecure. Despite this, the legal industry continues to use paper contracts with written signatures as the standard for solidifying legal agreements. This industry is lagging behind in a rapidly changing digital era, and UnInk believes that it is not acceptable to settle for scribbling ink on a piece of paper as a means of identity verification and consent with the vast range of technology available today.

Norman Esch Enterprise Co-op Awards

The Norman Esch Enterprise Co-op Awards are available to students in Engineering. There were three winners: 

Shabaan Khokhar, SKDesigns



SKDesigns is an interdisciplinary design brand focused on developing high-quality jewelry for cochlear implants. 

Upon becoming aware of the self-esteem issues adolescents with cochlear implants encounter, particularly regarding appearance, the founder of SKDesigns aimed to develop an aesthetic solution to enhance comfort, beauty, and confidence among the hearing impaired.

Zak Glaude, YAS



YAS is a direct sales platform acting primarily as a one-stop shop catering to the needs of the student body at the fledgling McEwen School of Architecture in Sudbury, Ontario as well as supporting the growing artist community in the city. 

As a Sudbury native and an architecture student, it was not surprising to find out many students were rather frustrated with their current access to specialty materials and supplies. The artist community had echoed this complaint for years.  YAS will fill this gap in the community.

Michael Nugent, Pathfinder Studio


Pathfinder Studio

Pathfinder Studio is a design-build initiative addressing mobile, off-grid, and sustainable housings through a holistic understanding of human activity, resource management, and building systems integration.

Travel trailers and recreational vehicles provide a low-cost alternative for vacationists seeking the outdoors. However, these dwellings are some of the worst housing stock in North America, consuming far more energy than typical homes. The project seeks to update this vacation alternative for sustainable future. 

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