Thursday, September 26, 2013

Congratulations to recipients of the E-Launch and the Norman Esch Enterprise Co-op Awards.

eccop group shotOn August 9, 2013 in Engineering 5, Enterprise Co-op students (E Co-op) capped off their training week by pitching their businesses to a panel of judges for a chance to win $4,000 towards the launch of their business. There were five award winners overall.

Read on for details on the award winners!

The Galt Wood Company:

The Galt Wood Co. is a custom furniture manufacturer based out of Cambridge, Ontario. Galt Wood Co. has been operating for over a year and unique, one-of-a-kind tables are their specialty. The Galt Wood Co. also specializes in local logging and harvesting, as well as wood importing from all over North America.

galt wood company

Nolan Vanderheyden, The Galt Wood Co.

DKSquad (formerly CreativeDK):

DKSquad is a mobile development company creating entertainment apps for devices running Android and IOS. With a few apps already published on the market, DKSquad has grown to a user base of over one million. With a large number of users, it is easier for DKSquad to release new apps that quickly grow in popularity, and keep users hooked!

creative dk

Daniel Kim, DKSquad


Kite is an online service that offers software developers a one-click solution to build and publish web applications in the cloud using existing tools. Kite is currently under private beta.  


Michael Chiang, Kite


Appstruments creates music-making software that can be used by people of all skill levels. Appstruments turns music consumers into music producers with a variety of products for iOS, Android, and the web that all promote interactivity and creativity without requiring training or musical knowledge.


Peter Sobot, Appstruments


uIntuition is a student talent agency, creating a platform for connecting talented students with contract projects in areas such as graphic/web design, photography, and performance. Students get work in areas they are passionate about, while setting their own hours and earning money.


Michal Ulman, uIntuition

Congratulations to all award winners!  

The Conrad Centre is grateful for the generous support of our donors which allows us to offer support to our students as they pursue their entrepreneurial ventures at the undergraduate level. It was Norman Esch's wish that his Foundation directly supports the development of students receiving training within the interdisciplinary applications of Engineering Sciences.

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