The Option and your academic schedule

For students following the pre-Winter 2018 option requirements, we have developed some example course sequences suggesting where Option courses could fit into your schedule. These sequences do not apply to students following the current Option requirements. 

Whether you intend to pursue the Venture Creation or Corporate Entrepreneurship track of the Option, we have provided a sample sequence for you to consider. Please use these schedules as a guide when planning your upcoming academic terms.

If you have any questions about requirements for the Option, please contact Marc Hurwitz, Associate Director, Undergraduate Studies.

Suggested course sequences - Venture Creation

Suggested course sequence - Corporate Entrepreneurship

​​In addition to the courses indicated in the above sequences, you must take one technical course in an area related to your entrepreneurial experience. To determine which technical course suits your schedule and entrepreneurial field of study, please contact Marc Hurwitz, Associate Director, Undergraduate Studies.

Complementary Studies Electives are listed in the Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar. Please consult the correct Undergraduate Calendar for your year and academic plan, as well as your academic advisor before enrolling in courses.

Please note: For certain Engineering programs, students will need to take extra courses above the regular course load to accommodate Option courses.