If you are committed, enthusiastic and up for a challenge then we encourage you to apply for the E Co-op program. Applicants must be University of Waterloo undergraduate co-op students. If you are not a co-op student, we will gladly speak with you and help you with your business plans.

Steps Descriptions
1. Read this website. Make sure you understand everything you need to about the E Co-op program and what will be expected of you throughout the process.
2. Firm up your idea. Come up with a good, solid business idea which you are willing to give 110% to throughout the term.
3. Do your research. Make sure you know your idea from all sides.

What competitors exist?

What is valuable to customers?

Are you going to be able to sell your idea? Remember, you are passing up a work term with pay to pursue this idea so make sure it is worth it.

4. Attend an information session. Learn all about the program and meet the E Co-op Coordinator by attending one of our information sessions
5. Get in touch. Send your resume & complete the application (.doc) – with a description of yourself (program and year, business goals, relevant work experience).

Sum up your business idea and what you think you could accomplish in an E Co-op work term. Recommend at least 3 times in the coming week which you could get together to discuss your idea and E Co-op. Meetings are typically held during regular business hours.

6. Get ready for the meeting. Be prepared to share your idea, why it is going to succeed, why you are going to succeed and what obstacles you are facing. This is like an interview; you’ve got to sell yourself and the company you are proposing.
7. Complete take away tasks. It is common that after the meeting you will be asked to do a little more work to complete your application. This may include completing further market research, having a discussion with an established entrepreneur or firming up your idea. Once this is completed you have officially applied for the E Co-op program.

Once the application is complete it will be reviewed by the E Co-op Coordinator an interview will be set up. Be prepared for the interview.

If you are offered a spot in the E Co-op program, you will have the option to accept, decline or tentatively accept if you are awaiting results from other co-op applications or for finances to be finalized.