Entrepreneurship Option in Engineering

Complement your engineering degree with the business skills you need to move your ideas from concept to commercial and social success.

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What is the entrepreneurship option? 

The entrepreneurship option is designed for students who want to explore entrepreneurship by taking courses to enhance their technical background with business skills. The option consists of six academic courses in business and entrepreneurship and an entrepreneurial experience. 

Any undergraduate student currently enrolled in an engineering discipline in the Faculty of Engineering can pursue the entrepreneurship option (students in other faculties are eligible to pursue the Minor in Entrepreneurship).


The entrepreneurship option requires the successful completion of six courses and an experiential milestone. 

Three core courses, recommended in the following order:  

  • BET 100 Foundations of Entrepreneurial Practice (List C Complementary Studies course) 
  • BET 320 Entrepreneurial Strategy (List C Complementary Studies course) 
  • BET 340 / BET 310 Essentials of Entrepreneurial Planning and Execution (List C Complementary Studies course) 

Three electives, chosen from this list: 

Experiential Milestone:

Students can demonstrate entrepreneurial experience either by earning credit for an Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op) term or through a capstone design project. For the capstone design project, students will consider the commercial potential of their Capstone project, with mentoring and support provided in BET 410A & BET 410B.

For the option to appear as a designation on your transcript, you must achieve an average of 60% in your Option courses and a grade of at least 50% in each of the courses for your option. 

How to declare the entrepreneurship option

You may register and take courses for the option right away, as you pursue your engineering degree. The BET option courses must be taken as electives. You must declare the option, by contacting your academic advisor, before you begin your experiential milestone. 

You are encouraged to meet with the Option Coordinator to ensure that you meet the requirements of the option, and for the approval of your technical electives and experiential milestone. 

Hear from entrepreneurship option alumna Emily Peat


Further questions can be directed to Marc Hurwitz, Option Coordinator and Associate Director, Undergraduate Studies at the Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business.

Alumni profile

Emily sitting

In her 3A term of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Emily started an organic food delivery business, EcoPlace Organics, in Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op). She continued to grow her business while completing her degree, eventually partnering with a large organic food delivery company, Eat Green Organics.

The combination of my engineering training and the supportive environment at Waterloo is why I'll graduate as a business owner.
I will always be an entrepreneur.
 This is my path.

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