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Message from the Dean

"You were a student admitted into the Faculty of Mathematics – no easy feat. To stay in and excel is even more difficult. You should be extremely proud of yourself.

Mathematicians are at the very foundation of everything we do and drive our excellent reputation. You are now a member of an elite group. An alumnus headed into the world to make world-leading contributions. You’ve developed a depth and breadth of expertise, and now you’re off to start the next leg of your journey where I have no doubt, you’ll make an impact."

- Kevin Hare, interim dean, Faculty of Mathematics

Congratulations from our community

Graduating students profiles



We're tougher because of Waterloo

Ludwig Lie, 2020, Faculty of Mathematics


A dynamic system preparing you for life 

Alan Li, 2020, Faculty of Mathematics 



Adding value to the student experience 

Andres Garcia Rodriguez, 2020, Faculty of Mathematics


Continuing research in combinatorics 

Lili Wang, 2020, Faculty of Mathematics



The spirit of Waterloo

Kerthanan Srikantharajah, 2020, Faculty of Mathematics 


We asked the dean three questions about MATH grads:

cap1,300+graduates for Spring 2020
globe42,000+alumni in105countries
briefcase7 of 10top jobs start with a degree in mathematics for the last three years


startup150+startups and spinoffs stemmed from the Faculty of Mathematics by students, faculty, and alumni

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