PhD and special hooding

Dominic Barton congratulating PhD student while being hooded.

PhD hooding

Supervisors of PhD graduands are invited to participate in convocation by hooding the students that they have taught, advised, supervised and mentored throughout their years as a PhD student. PhD hooders participate in the Chancellor's procession and sit on stage throughout the ceremony.

Special hooding

University of Waterloo faculty and staff as well as faculty of other post-secondary institutions are invited to hood a student, family member, friend or colleague who is graduating with a master's degree. Special hooders participate in the Chancellor's procession and sit on stage throughout the ceremony.

Due to new undergraduate hooding protocols, undergraduates will hood themselves prior to crossing the stage.

Where to queue for the Chancellor's procession

Members of the faculty procession will meet in the Chancellor's robing room in the Student Life Centre, room 2143/2144. Participants should arrive in the SLC robing room by 9:30 a.m. (morning ceremony), 2:00 p.m. (afternoon ceremony) or 6:00 p.m. (evening ceremony). Chancellor's procession participants will line up for the procession under the direction of the Chancellor's Robing Room Supervisor.

Gowns and Regalia

Arrangements for academic gowns for members of the chancellor's procession can be made by completing the registration form for the chancellor's procession and luncheon. Borrowed gowns and regalia should be returned immediately following the end of the ceremony.


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