If we have a previously approved research plan and then get a new COVID grant, do we need to make a new submission for that project and the personnel conducting it?

If new space is being used, then a new or amended plan is required (this should be submitted as a new application including a new Request Form and a new Safety Plan. 

A proposal to add personnel should be submitted with a new Request Form only (a new Safety Plan is not required). It is the responsibility of the PI to ensure that access to research laboratory equipment is necessary for every individual that is requested; a rationale for requesting to continue research, including justification of how this meets the criteria, is required. Note that adding personnel to an approved plan will likely result in personnel receiving less time in the space due to distancing and scheduling requirements. Also keep in mind that the Institution will need to manage occupancy within buildings as more members of the community return to campus. This will impact how many people will be allowed in the building overall. 


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