Quarantine requirements: When I begin studies at Waterloo, will I need to self-isolate before I can come to campus?

Based on current Government of Canada policies, yes. When you arrive in Canada by air or land, your health will be assessed before you leave the port of entry. You must have a quarantine plan to isolate for 14 days when you arrive in Canada. It is mandatory to isolate, even if you have no symptoms. 

Before you leave your home country, complete the University of Waterloo’s mandatory International Student Travel Plans and Quarantine form. You should also be prepared to provide a detailed isolation plan to border officials upon entry to Canada. The government has provided details on how to quarantine (self-isolate) at home. You can also review Waterloo’s COVID-19 Travel and Quarantine Checklist.

The penalties for not following your quarantine plan can include:

  • A fine of up to $750,000 CDN
  • Six months of jail time in Canada
  • Being found inadmissible, removed from Canada and banned from entering for one year

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