he Engineering Research Office (ERO) has modified the grant proposal submission process. From now on, only digital copies of grant proposals will be circulated for review and signing. Please follow this process:

  1. Email your full grant proposal (in PDF or MS Word) with a separate completed Office of Research cover sheet (PDF format) to your Chair/Department as per your department requirements. 
  2. After departmental processing, Chair signs cover sheet (either digitally or sign/scan).
  3. Chair/Dept. emails digital copy of full grant proposal with signed cover sheet and any other required documentation (e.g., email trails supporting aspects of the grant) to the ERO in care of Rina Salazar (eng.research@uwaterloo.ca). We recommend PI be cc’d.
  4. ERO will review, obtain Faculty-level signoff on proposal and cover sheet, and digital signed version of proposal will be emailed to appropriate staff in the Office of Research.  PI will be cc’d.

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