University vehicles are used for both on and off-campus essential work, including field work.

When using a University vehicle, employees are required to:

  • Complete a daily self-assessment for symptoms. 
  • Keep detailed records of locations travelled to, specifically when travelling beyond the confines of the University of Waterloo main and satellite campuses. 

In order to ensure that physical distancing is practiced:

  • Do not travel with more than one person per vehicle where physical distancing cannot be maintained, or barriers have not been installed. 
  • If travel alone is not possible:
  • Employees should travel in a vehicle large enough to maintain at least a 2m separation from each other. 
  • The vehicle ventilation should be set to fresh air only (no recirculation) and if possible, open windows to maximize air flow. 
  • Plexiglass or other suitable clear barriers can be installed between employees
  • PPE in the form of an ASTM Level 2 medical mask must be worn by every occupant while in the vehicle. 
  • Remove unnecessary items from the vehicle and separate belongings to avoid contact between belongings or by other employees. Remove all belongings and trash after each use. 

Cleaning of vehicles and hand hygiene is required before and after each use:

  • Wash hands or use alcohol-based hand rub. 
  • Cleaning supplies (disinfectant and disposable cloths) must be available in each vehicle. Every user must clean all high-touch surfaces – door handle, steering wheel, seatbelt, gear shift, and control. 
  • When refuelling, wipe down gas pump handles and keypad surfaces.