Research information

Accountabilities and research approval processes 

Faculties and Departments have the accountability for specific research processes.

Other central units will continue to manage specific research-related approval processes.

Faculty Safety Leads play a critical role as COVID-19 safety responsibilities are incorporated into their existing departmental safety responsibilities.

Health and Safety Coordinators in Departments will report high-level issues to Faculty Safety Leads who will inform the Deans of Faculty-wide concerns.

Current restrictions

Effective May 1, 2022 the following apply:

Human-participant research 

  • Safety plans for human participant research, domestic field work travel, and domestic travel for research, conference, teaching and/or service will no longer be required.
  • COVID information consent letters for human participant research will no longer be required.
  • Researchers conducting human participant studies on campus are required to wear a mask until further notice. Off-campus research must adhere to public health requirements in effect at the venue where they are conducting research. Please consult the facial coverings webpage for information on appropriate masks.
  • In alignment with the University guidance, vaccine mandates for researchers and study participants, including vulnerable populations, will no longer be required. However, researchers conducting human participant research at an off-campus location will be required to follow the vaccine mandate and public health requirements of the organization/hospital/group where the research is being conducted, if applicable.

Domestic travel 

  • Domestic travel no longer requires approval.
  • Guidelines for Fieldwork/field trips can be found on the Safety Office website.

International travel