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Elaine Ho


Elaine HoSupervised by Andrew Trant and Simon Courtenay


Analysis and integration of policy and scientific processes, making use of cumulative effects assessment and response, to better manage freshwater resources and ecotoxicological impacts in the Muskoka region of Ontario.

Research interests:

By using a systems approach, I am interested in better understanding risks and potential responses in the context of freshwater management at the whole-watershed level. I will design and apply a cumulative effects assessment and response process within which policy and science authorities can collaborate to co-manage the local water resource. Risk factors will be assessed primarily in the context of climate change and human influence, especially contamination of water resources through human activities on land and on the water. The specific factors will be identified by locals who live and work in the region through a vulnerability assessment. In addition to observing how contamination manifests in whole-organisms in situ, I will test the ability of both science and policy to prevent, understand and respond to such impacts via the cumulative effects framework.

University of Waterloo

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