Sondra EgerSupervised by Simon Courtenay



This research investigates opportunities for integrated management through marine planning in the Bay of Fundy, Canada.

Research interests:

I will be working on marine spatial planning and integrated management in the Bay of Fundy to ensure that cumulative effects of both social and ecological systems are considered effectively.

I am interested in exploring opportunities to advance the implementation of Integrated Coastal and Oceans Management (ICOM) in Canada, with a focus on the Bay of Fundy. More specifically, I will be investigating the opportunity for regional governance as a way to move toward ICOM. This project includes an examination of  past and current ICOM initiatives in Atlantic Canada and the role played by communities in implementing ICOM initiatives. Because place-based problems often demand place-based solutions, this research will enhance the resilience of coastal social-ecological systems through a better understanding of governance conditions and the capacity at the local-regional scale to complement federal actions through community-driven ICOM initiatives.

Other Affiliations: Environmental Change and Governance Group (ECGG)Ocean Canada Partnership (Governance cluster co-lead and Atlantic working group member); Canadian Rivers Institute Student Leadership Committee Chair; University of Waterloo Graduate Student Association (GSA-UW) Director

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