1. A photographer will not be booked or quoted until all of Section A is completed. (Part B will be required no later than FIVE business days prior to the photoshoot.)
  2. Refer to How to organize a photoshoot (PDF) in order to get the best results from the photoshoot.
  3. Creative Services is booking studio time each month for professional headshots. A minimum of two headshots are required to receive the reduced rate of $100 per person. 15 minutes bookings are scheduled beginning at 9am.

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.


A Unit4 account number and ORG Code are required to verify that your department is eligible to use University of Waterloo’s Creative Services’ video production services at no cost and to process any external production invoices (narration, AODA captioning etc.)

*The University chart of accounts (Unit4) consists of up to 4 pieces of information. In most cases, only the first 3 pieces are necessary.
Account: 00000 - Work Order: 00000 - 00000 - Activity: 000

Please enter an work order number using 10 digits plus 1 hyphen
Please enter an activity number using 3 digits
Please enter the four digit ORG UNIT code in the following format: 0000
Type of photography: * (required)
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Name of person initiating and responsible for this photography booking:
Name of person who will be onsite during the photoshoot to meet/greet photographer: * (required)
Start and end time (s)* that the photographer is required:
Date required * (required)
*Half day bookings should take place either before noon hour or after the noon hour. Sessions that run from morning to afternoon are considered full day bookings.
Additional dates required?
Start and end time (s)* of additional date
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Have permissions been arranged for location(s)? * (required)

Average costs (samples):
Event photography - $200 per hour (minimum 2 hour booking)
Headshots (monthly studio session) - $100 per person

SECTION B Must be either be completed now or downloaded and emailed to no later than FIVE days prior to photoshoot

How would you like to submit Section B? * (required)
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Are REAL TIME UPLOADS* required? * (required)
* Sometimes a charge for this service may apply (~ $100 flat rate per photographer)

Model release forms* are required for each person.

NOTE: Please keep model release forms on file for at least two years

A NOTICE OF PHOTOGRAPHY* may be posted at an event.
Notice of photography, 8.5" x 11" (PDF)
Notice of photography, 11" x 17" (PDF)

*the photographer will need to take a photo of the model releases &/or notice of photography.
Do you require hair, make-up or stylist services? * (required)
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Files must be less than 25 MB.
Allowed file types: doc docx xls xlsx.
Please provide a written description outlining the shot(s) and/or provide any samples or stock images to serve as a guideline for the ‘look’ that is to be achieved. Where possible, please provide links to samples. The photographer may make suggestions, but it is important to be as clear as possible ahead of time.
File cannot exceed 25 MB.
Files must be less than 25 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png pdf rar zip.

Upload via SEND-IT (multiple files and files larger than 25MB)

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