Email invitations (evites) and greetings

Creative Services offers responsive email invitations and greetings to help promote your events, ensuring your content looks polished and professional. Responsive design means your content automatically adjusts to suit the device it’s being read on, from a smart phone to a computer.

Evites can be customized with artwork and faculty colours. You can supply your own image or have Creative Services create artwork.

Design options

No button evite (in University theme)

Example of no button university theme evite

View no button evite example

This option can be used for email greetings.

One button evite (in Arts theme)

example of arts, one button

View full single button evite example

Two button evite (in Applied Health Sciences theme)

example of applied health science two button evite

View full double button evite example


Features and requirements

Email distribution

Please let us know how you plan to send out this email. For example, are you planning to send this email through Outlook (on a PC) or an email distribution service such as GroupMail or MailChimp. 

Due to technical limitations in Outlook on Mac computers, we recommend sending evites from a PC.

example of an applied healh science two button evite

Section A: Main image (hero image)

The main image adds visual interest to your evite. You can supply an image or have Creative Services create artwork for you. The image should be landscape format (width is greater than height) and at least 600 pixels wide.

Please note that many users have images disabled in their email programs and some people use screen readers to access content. Any important information should be in the body of your email in case images are not visible.

Section B: Event header (title)

The event header includes the name of your event or email title.

Section C: Body content

The body content describes what your event is about. The content can be any length, but shorter paragraphs are preferred for ease of reading.  The longer your content, the longer your email will be.

Section D: Event details

Event details includes the date, time and location of your event. You can also include a short agenda or schedule with each item appearing on a separate line.

For on campus events, please indicate the building and room number. For off-campus events, please provide the full address.

Event details, directions and RSVP buttons are not required for email greetings.


Section E: Directions (optional)

The directions button helps recipients find the location of the event. For events happening on main campus, this button points recipients to the campus map.

If your event happens at a satellite campus or off-campus location, please provide a link to the map.

Section F: RSVP button (optional)

As with earlier in the email, the RVSP button directs recipients to your event website, registration page or an email address.

Sections G and H: Social media and email footer

Social media icons encourage people to engage with the University on social media.  You can supply links to your area’s profiles or use the University’s central channels.

The footer content lets people know from whom the invite is coming, including the person sending the evite and their email address as well as the department or unit on behalf of whom the message is being sent. We will also need a phone number as part of the contact information and a link for the unsubscribe feature.

Together with the unsubscribe links and contact information (email address, phone number and department), this content ensures all evites meet Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation requirements.

How to request designs for email marketing materials

Submit an online requisition to Creative Services to get started.

If you have any questions, please call Creative Services at ext. 31759 or 33612 or email