A photograph is the original instant message — a single photograph can capture a multitude of feelings and ideas, and can be a powerful vehicle for the project’s goals and objectives.

Arranging photo shoots

Creative Services can provide or arrange — for marketing, news releases, teaching, or research — the latest digital technology for the following:

  • Studio photography for business portraits, product photography, or group photos: The Creative Services' professional seamless studio offers state-of-the-art equipment and a selection of backdrops.
  • Location events (presentations, award ceremonies, news events, etc.).
  • Retouching with Adobe Photoshop.
  • Format compatibility confirmation (also known as pre-flighting) for publications, photographic printing, or web applications.
  • Web gallery: Recent work can be viewed in Waterloo Photos.
  • Photo shoots: Creative Services can provide art direction and offer other suggestions for photo shoots. You may also wish to book a photographer.

Notes about those being photographed

  • Privacy issues: University of Waterloo legal counsel has advised that taking and publishing photos of individuals without their consent constitutes an invasion of privacy.
  • Consent guidelines: While it’s not necessary to obtain a release and consent from every person who will appear in the background of a picture, consent should always be obtained for the principal subjects.
  • Required consent form: Principal subjects, whether models hired for the photo shoot, or University guests, faculty, staff, students or alumni, will need to read and sign the image release form (PDF).
  • For public events, you can post a notice of photography.

Getting started

  • Answers to questions about photography by Creative Services may be found at Ask a Question.
  • Please contact Creative Services early in the planning process. Some situations may need location scouting, and specialized lighting and equipment.
  • A Creative Services designer can be sourced for advice about art direction.
  • The minimum requirement for viewing PDF files is Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • To arrange a consultation and/or book photography sessions, contact a Creative Services’ Project Co-ordinator.