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Print design

The 3 design tiers

  • Tier 1 » New project and creative
  • Tier 2 » New project using existing creative
  • Tier 3 » Copy changes to an existing project

Process for new projects (design tiers 1 and 2)

To begin a new project, contact one of project co-ordinators with Creative Services, Jennifer Halcrow or Julie Grant.

The scope of the project and the expected budget will help determine the need for one designer or a team of experts.

Step 1: Complete our requisition form

When completing the form, consider:

  • How the project meets your department’s overall goals and objectives
  • Ways to measure the effectiveness of the project
  • The purpose and desired outcome
  • The target audience
  • The media possibilities: print, multi-media, video or digital
  • The need for a writer, photographer or illustrator
  • The people involved in the project and approvals
  • The desired timing

Step 2: Engage the design team

Your project coordinator will help you determine if a meeting with a member of Creative Services is needed to discuss art direction and creative concepts.

Step 3: Request a quote

Request and approve a quote. Creative Services is a centrally funded unit, we provide graphic design and video at no cost. External vendor services including print and photography is managed by Creative Services to ensure alignment with the brand and high quality production. The quotation process helps Creative Services develop a project schedule based on key dates that will maximize efficiency.

Step 4: Planning

Consider the need for...

  • A schedule
  • Custom photography
  • A writer
  • Video work
  • An accessible PDF, the University is committed to excellence in serving all of our user groups, including people with disabilities. AODA legislation requires any PDF meant for distribution to be accessible (View the accessibility toolkit for more information).  )
  • A specific delivery date

Step 5: Creative Process begins

Copy, images and logos should be supplied to Creative Services.

Use Send It to supply files larger than 1 MB. Anything smaller can be emailed.

Step 6: Changes

Be as clear as possible when supplying changes. Refer to the How to supply your changes page on our website.

Save time and money by ensuring that all copy has been proofread and approved before submitting to avoid delays caused by additional changes later.

We create schedules with three rounds of changes, unless there are extenuating circumstances. If the scope of the project changes the schedule will be revised to reflect the additional time/resources needed to complete the project.

Step 7: Proofing

There are two kinds of proofs:

  1. A design proof from Creative Services offers the opportunity to confirm project content (images, copy, etc.)
  2. A printer’s proof is supplied by the printing vendor and offers a final look at colour, cuts and folds. Content changes at this point add to the cost and delay delivery. (Accessible PDFs can be made based on an approved printer’s proof.)

Creative Services proofreads for elements including:

  • Bad line breaks
  • Pagination
  • Double spaces and dashes
  • Style guidelines for figures, names and phone numbers

Step 8: Delivery

Depending on the project, delivery can be made electronically, through Central Stores, the Creative Services courier or can be picked up in person.

Once deliverables have been received, any charges external to Creative Services will be sent to the requesting department for payment.

Step 9: Feedback

Tell us how we did! Did the project meet the goals outlined at the beginning of the project, did it resonate with the audience are there analytics you can share?

Alterations to an existing project (design tier 3)

Step 1: Online requisition

Complete our requisition form

Step 2: Send changes

For simple projects or minimal updates, send a pdf that has the marked-up copy changes to Creative Services. Please see our How-to page to reference how to mark up a pdf:

If you don’t have the pdf of the original project, all you need to do is contact a project coordinator and provide the job number (the 6 digit number at the bottom of every project) and they will email it to you.

Step 3: Contact us

Contact Creative Services project co-ordinators to provide timing and any other important details.

Money-saving tips

To expedite a project, review the “how to” items and other useful links. Following these guidelines will streamline the production process. 

Writing and photographic resources

Creative Services can assist in connecting with writers or photographers to provide content for approved projects. Experienced professionals are available to write taglines or entire articles, and to take photographs or video.


Client feedback is important and appreciated. The Creative Services team wants to know what worked well, and where there is room for growth.

Questions and Contact

If you have questions about print design, please Ask a Question