Video production

Today’s communication audiences are motion consumers — video and animation can bring a story to life. Creative Services are the on-campus video experts.

A complete range of services

  • Promotional videos
  • Interviews
  • Faculty and student profiles
  • Animations
  • Other services, such as closed caption on videos that Creative Services produces.

Video and animation development process

Step 1: Complete a requisition form

Every project begins with a plan which will consider the target audience, the purpose and desired outcome, and how the project will meet the University’s strategic communications goals. We will review the brief to outline the strategic intent of the project, how it meets your department's goals, and inform the production team.

Send an online requisition

Step 2: Request a quote

Request and approve a quote. We are a centrally funded unit, we provide video at no cost. External vendor services including additional shooters, equipment, sound is managed by Creative Services to ensure alignment with the brand and high quality production. The quotation process helps Creative Services develop a project schedule based on key dates that will maximize efficiency.

We create schedules with three rounds of changes, unless there are extenuating circumstances. If the scope of the project changes the schedule will be revised to reflect the additional time/resources needed to complete the project.

Step 3: Pre-production

In the preproduction stage, Creative Services team members will work with you to develop the video content and guide you through the process of writing the script, casting the talent, and finding the best locations. At this time, we will brainstorm creative approaches and story boards will be developed.

Step 4: Production

In the production phase, footage will be accumulated and animations will be created to communicate the messaging of the project.

Step 5: Post-production

In post-production, Creative Services staff will use editing, motion graphics, music and sound mixing to make the original video or animation concept a reality.

Captioning is required to meet web accessibility requirements and best practices. Simple captioning will be done by Creative Services, more complex projects may require additional considerations that will be outlined in the quoting stage.

Step 6: Delivery

Delivery is electronic. Once deliverables have been received, any charges external to Creative Services will be sent to the requesting department for payment.

Step 9: Feedback

Tell us how we did! Did the project meet the goals outlined at the beginning of the project, did it resonate with the audience are there analytics you can share?

Additional resources

If additional writers, videographers or technicians are required, Creative Services can find, contract and manage these services for a completed project that is on time and on brand.

Questions and Contact

For further questions about videos and animations, please Ask A Question, or contact Matt Regehr.