Web design

Creative Services is the University’s comprehensive source for web design, whether working with Waterloo’s content management system (WCMS) or in the development of a website outside the WCMS.

The combination of visual design and technical expertise within the Creative Services’ team results in pages that work effectively for the user and emphasize the critical elements of the website’s message.

Sample enhancements

  • Add a banner to an existing website.
  • Incorporate inventive, eye-catching buttons.
  • Highlight news flashes or bulletins.
  • Combine motion and emotion with the addition of animation and videos.

Questions and Contact

Every project that speaks for the University of Waterloo begins with a requisition form that includes questions about the target audience, the purpose and desired outcome, and how the project will meet the University’s strategic communications goals.

Once the brief has been completed, the placing of an online requisition will connect with a project co-ordinator to begin exploring how and when the request can be fulfilled.

For questions about web design, Ask a Question and view the Creative Services Project Tools.