Critical Tourism Studies North America: Inaugural Meeting
Huntsville, Ontario, Canada: August 1–5, 2016

Tourism and Wellness: Travel for the Good of All?

Call for papers and other contributions

For our first Critical Tourism Studies North America (CTSNA) event, we aim to take a broader view of “wellness” in the context of our tourism world. So often limited to the consideration of a niche form of tourism focused on embodied experiences of individual care, wellness is rarely conceptualized more holistically in tourism discourse.

  • What does it mean to be well, as hosts and guests?
  • Can tourism be a force to enhance wellness for humanity and our ecosystem, rather than merely for a few lucky elite while our fellows and our planet bear the costs?

Envisioned as a “slow conference,” CTSNA will prioritize dialogue and reflection, spurred through a variety of activities, ranging from the traditionally intellectual to the innovative, artistic, and experiential. 

We thus welcome critical conversations, conceptual and empirical papers, research presentations and posters, artistic contributions, and offers to lead workshops or other experiential activities on the following areas of exploration:

  • Tourism, worldmaking, and wellness
  • Mobilities and immobilities
  • Tourism, wellness, and the rural-urban transition
  • Travel, space, and place in the North American context
  • Slow tourism
  • Wellness in the North American context
  • Wellness for whom?
  • Vacation martyrs and the leisure/life divide
  • Well-being and quality of life: critical explorations and competing discussions
  • Critical investigations of tourism impacts
  • Relationship between tourism and subjective well-being
  • Tourism and social capital
  • Human/non-human/wildlife/animal encounters in tourism
  • Tourism and spirituality
  • Tourism and politics
  • Emotions and affect in tourism
  • Tourism and community development
  • Tourism ethics and moral development
  • Social and environmental justice
  • Knowledge production and transmission in tourism and leisure

Guidelines for abstract submission

  • NEW Deadline: November 15, 2015
  • 300 words maximum
  • Title page (author(s), affiliation(s), contact information)
  • Explanation of link to key themes (if applicable)
  • Indication of presentation type (presenters can chose from one of the following options):
    1. 15 minute presentation (including question and answer)
    2. 30 minute presentation (including question and answer)
    3. Poster or other freestanding art display
    4. 1.5 hour workshop or panel (or other full session proposal)​

Please send your abstract as Word file to Heather Mair, chair of the Scholarship Contributions Committee, at

Proposal submitters will be notified of acceptance by January 08, 2016.

Working papers (2500 words maximum), full papers (5000 words maximum), and artistic works (or representations thereof) are due April 15, 2016. Guidelines will be distributed in due course.