Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Crowdmark and Odyssey

What are the benefits of using Odyssey to set up my assessment in Crowdmark? 

  • assessment is set up in Crowdmark and connected to its LEARN course ID
  • students who have withdrawn from the course are removed from the assessment
  • AccessAbility Services enters in the students expected to be writing there and Odyssey delivers these exams to AAS
  • if using assigned seating with multiple rooms, Odyssey assigns students to rooms. The front page of the assessment lists the room and includes spare exam(s) for the room
  • a password protected web link (https://odyssey.uwaterloo.ca/teaching/schedule) allows any student to look up their exams that are in the Odyssey system for that term and see their assigned seat (if assigned seating is used) and room
  • Odyssey generates a seat lookup list for the whole class ordered by ID number that can be printed and posted at the exam rooms for seat look-up
  • signature lists and seat maps are created and can be printed for use at the exam. If assigned seating is used, the student names are printed in the order of seating with room for signatures
  • the main page for an assessment in Odyssey will indicate when the exam has gone to New Media for printing and has the link to the assessment in Crowdmark

Where are UWaterloo Odyssey help pages?

The UWaterloo Odyssey home page offers documentation.

Where are the Crowdmark help pages?

Crowdmark has a page of help links.

How do I regrade or view the score for a particular student?

Under the Students tab beside the particular student's email, the Grade link takes you directly to the grading interface for this student and the Score link presents the student's view of their graded assessment.

What does a student see after I distribute an assigned assessment?

Students received an email from Crowdmark containing a unique submission link.  You can view the submission link for a student by visiting the Students tab and clicking on Submission beside the student's email.  You can use this link to submit on behalf of a student if necessary.

A student says they are not receiving email from Crowdmark about their current online assessment.  What can they do?

Have the student read about how to fix student UWaterloo email.  Once their UWaterloo email is working again the course instructor will have to resend the Crowdmark online assignment URL to the student.

Additional FAQ items are available herePlease contact cmadmin@uwaterloo.ca if you don't find what you are looking for.