Midterms and final exams

Midterms and final exams are named "Administered Assessments" in Crowdmark.

For midterms and final exams written on paper, the Crowdmark system typically works together with the UWaterloo Odyssey examination management system. Crowdmark is used for online grading, and Odyssey looks after setting up the assessment in Crowdmark on your behalf.  This set up includes adding instructors (by the email address associated with the first 8 characters of their WatIAM username), inviting W Print upload staff and printing the assessments.  If assigned seating is chosen, Odyssey takes care of room and seating arrangements and prints student ID information on the front page,  and delivers the printed exams to the department or faculty main office and to AccessAbility Services if necessary.

For details on using Crowdmark and Odyssey please see the particular pdf file below for your needs.

Using LaTeX to format your quiz, test or exam

When you upload your exam into Crowdmark or Odyssey, each system overwrites areas of your PDF pages.  Crowdmark adds booklet identification information along the top 1.5 inches of each page.  And Odyssey adds exam title, date and student information in a 4 inch area on the test cover page plus a page number at the bottom of each page.  Below are example PDF files showing this.

To help start your exam with the right page layouts, an example LaTeX exam file is provided that you can modify.

This exam template can produce several different exam layouts - one for use with Crowdmark, one for Odyssey and one when both systems are used together.  Here are example exam pages using this exam template: