The CPA Ontario Centre for Performance Management Research and Education (CPMRE) has three primary objectives:

  1. Support the creation and dissemination of leading-edge performance management research, relevant to CPAs in public accounting, industry, government, and academe.
  2. Engage in thought leadership by supporting the development of white papers on performance management topics of importance to practice and by bringing academics and practitioners together in collaborative settings.
  3. Enhance educational experiences by introducing learning activities that take students beyond the textbook and offer events to connect students and employers that improve awareness of performance management roles and careers.

Research Activities

Research Support

The Centre has funded numerous research projects conducted by faculty and doctoral students at the School of Accounting and Finance and Conrad School of Entrpreneurship and Business.

  • Our funded research examines practice-relevant topics including: the use of learning goals to improve performance; using non-cash rewards to motivate employees; the effects of performance measurement on CSR investment decisions; factors affecting blockchain adoption; and the behavioural effects of work engagement.
  • The Centre has projects underway where academics are working with practitioners to address problems of practical importance.

Research Dissemination

  • We translate findings from academic research projects funded by the Centre into practitioner summaries.
  • We organize academic research symposiums to facilitate the presentation and discussion of field-based performance management research.
  • We provide travel support to faculty and doctoral students to present their performance management research at major conferences in North America.

Thought Leadership Activities

White Paper Support

The Centre has funded two major white paper projects.

  • The first project, completed in fall 2019, focuses on performance measurement in SaaS businesses. This white paper is being distributed by CPA Ontario to its members.
  • The second project, completed in early 2021, focuses on followership and followership training within the CPA profession. This white paper is being distributed by CPA Ontario to its members.

Practitioner Conferences

To date, the Centre has organized three conferences for CPAs and other practitioners interested in performance management topics.

  • The first conference focused on factors affecting employee motivation.
  • The theme of the second conference was performance-measurement and budgeting issues at SaaS-based businesses.
  • The third conference focused on followership and leadership in the accounting profession.

Education Activities

Learning Beyond the Textbook

To date, the Centre faculty have helped launch two new undergraduate courses and revise a graduate level course to engage students with real world learning opportunities:

  • In a new first year analytics course, students analyze large data sets and design performance dashboards.
  • In a new upper year course, students address performance management issues for local high growth companies.
  • In a revised graduate course, students compete in an article-writing competition on a performance management topic.

Connecting Students and Employers

The Centre sponsors events to connect students with employers, offering co-op full-time roles, increasing awareness of the wide range of career opportunities available in performance management.


The Centre has a seven-member Advisory Board:

  • Steve Fortin, CPA, CA (Director, School of Accounting and Finance)
  • Hamoon Ekhtiari, CPA, CA (Founder & CEO, Audacious Futures)
  • Zamal Ruffudeen, CPA, CA (Adjunct Faculty, School of Accounting and Finance)
  • Anik Seth, CPA, CMA (Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of HUEX)
  • Alan Webb, PhD, FCPA, FCA (Deloitte Professor, School of Accounting and Finance)
  • Amanda Montebello, CPA, CA (Education Assessment Specialist, CPA Ontario)
  • Nancy Vanden Bosch, CPA, CA, CMA (Continuing Lecturer and Associate Director Academic Programs, School of Accounting and Finance)