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The Challenge

Address the need for professionals who measure much more than financial results and who use performance insights to help shape the future.

What We Do

The Centre supports the development of Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) who will help lead organizations into an uncertain future, by combining their measurement strengths with the following four capabilities.

Define Success Motivate People Align Resources Manage Risk
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CPAs help lead change by measuring success across multiple performance dimensions, including business strategy, sustainability, and social impact. CPAs help humans thrive in an organization by connecting measures with effective employee recognition, professional development, and rewards. CPAs help align people and processes to serve stakeholders by leveraging data analytics and technology in an organization’s management systems. CPAs help manage performance in an uncertain future by addressing the individual and organizational biases that limit productive discussions about risk and failure.

The Centre provides experiential learning opportunities for students to learn about these four capabilities. Read more about what students are learning beyond the textbook.

Performance Management Roles and Careers

Almost every organization needs professionals with measurement strengths to help lead organizations into an uncertain future. These professionals work inside every chief financial officer’s (CFO's) organization and in advisory services.

Chief Financial Officer's Organization Advisory Services
Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)
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Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics
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Management Consulting Services
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Risk Advisory Services
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Typically called FP&A, but don’t let the name mislead you; these professionals support business decisions with much more than financial analysis.

Learn more about FP&A roles & careers.
A range of high demand positions, where you combine typical accounting roles with roles in data management and advanced analytics. It’s the next generation of FP&A.

Learn more about BI & analytics roles & careers.
A project-oriented role where you bring financial expertise and business acumen to multi-disciplinary teams to help clients solve problems.

Learn more about management consulting roles & careers.
A team-based project role where you help clients ensure they have appropriate risk strategies, compliance programs, and controls in place.