In the Winter 2021 term, Centre faculty and staff continued with the series of online events, similar to those that were hosted in previous terms. The Centre collaborated with a couple School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) courses to engage students in conversations with successful practitioners on specific performance management topics. More specifically, the Centre partnered with the Master of Accounting (MAcc) course, Performance Measurement and Control systems for Implementing Strategy (ACC 680), and the first-year accounting course, Introduction to Managerial Accounting (AFM 102). Along with engaging the students, the purpose of the live podcast events was to share with students how the concepts learned in their course are used by practitioners. Further, the Centre hoped to display for students the variety of performance management careers opportunities and paths take by some that chose a performance management career. Across the 3 podcasts hosted this term, over 650 students were in attendance for these events.

The topics discussed and the practitioners included:

  • Nilofer Ahmed, Director, Business Strategy, Motif FoodWorks
    • Topic: Performance management and strategy
  • Michael Matthews, District Controller, Waste Connections of Canada
    • Topic: Performance management, data, and information systems
  • Katie Chu, Business Lead to the CEO,
    • Topic: Performance management, measures, and motivation