Visiting scholars, post-doctoral fellows, and international visiting graduate students

If you are a visiting scholar, post-doctoral fellow, or an international visiting graduate student (IVGS) at the University of Waterloo and want to improve your English skills while you are here, you may audit English for Multilingual Speakers (EMLS) courses.

  • Only visiting scholars, post-doctoral fellows (post-docs), and international visiting  graduate student  (IVGS) may audit EMLS courses. All registered University of Waterloo students must enrol in EMLS courses on Quest.
  • Audit fees are $900.00 per course.

To apply to audit, follow these steps:

  1. Complete an Audit Application Form (PDF).
  2. Request approval from the English Language Studies. Only two visiting scholars or post-doctoral fellows are permitted per section per course. Contact Stefan Rehm to arrange for approval.
  3. Pay your audit fee to the reception office at Renison University College (REN on the campus map). You must have English Language Studies approval before you can pay.
  4. Read the EMLS graduate course descriptions and outlines.
  5. For EMLS 101R, 102R and 103R schedules, see the EMLS undergraduate course schedule.

  6. For EMLS 601R, 602R, 621R, 622R schedules, see the EMLS graduate course schedule.