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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

English Language Studies faculty members present at the TESL Ontario Conference

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*This story originally appeared in the Renison Newsletter.
Three faculty members from English Language Studies presented at the TESL Ontario Conference, held in Toronto in early December 2019.
Julia Williams’ presentation, An Innovative (and Easy) Approach to Corpus Analysis, described the implementation of a series of corpus analysis assignments that enhanced graduate student ability to identify and define the characteristics of academic texts in their disciplines.  

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Professor Yan Li wins Chinese literary prize

*This story originally appeared on the Renison homepage.

Professor Yan Li, part of the Culture and Language Studies department, was recently awarded winner in the prose category of the Fangzhimin Literary Prize, an award first launched in 2019. 

Her story, titled 'The American Bud in the Garden,' is based on the life of Arthur Bisson. Bisson started teaching about Chinese culture at Renison in 1960 after an invitation from the Principal at the time, Professor A. Wyn Rees. 

Our warm congratulations to Professor Yan Li!

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